Training and Qualification: I have a Diploma in Supervision from the Centre of Supervision and Training Development in Bath where I received training in Individual and Group supervision as well as Supervision within Organisations. I have also had additional training in Narrative Therapy and Solution Focused Supervision.

How I work as a supervisor

I am committed to fostering critical reflection, to cultivating all of BACP’s ethical principles and to promoting hope and motivation for change through supervision. I believe that good relationships are built on negotiation, collaboration, understanding, respect, and most importantly on trust. Building a working alliance is key to good supervision. I attempt to make that possible by


a) We will negotiate practicalities such as; where and when the supervision is to take place, payment, how changes such as cancellations, holidays and replacement sessions are to be arranged, boundaries of the work (i.e. the work is on cases and the effect of your personhood on the therapy, it is not personal counselling), confidentiality (when it might need to be broken) and the session format. b) The context of the work and my responsibilities as a supervisor are also negotiated and made clear so that there is agreement on the type of supervision you require and your best hopes for our work together. Using the template of a sample contract (which I will email to you for our first session) our agreement will be put in writing when we meet.

Principles / assumptions:

The nature of supervision thus changes from SUPERvision, where the supervisor is considered the expert with privileged knowledge telling the supervisee how to proceed, to co-vision and co-created-vision, where the covisee is considered the expert and is expected to know more about what is happening in his or her sessions.’ (Edward and Chen, 1999)

Who I supervise

The approaches that have most influenced my own practice as a counsellor are the Person Centred Approach, Narrative Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy and these models have shaped my ideas about supervision. This does not mean that I only work with supervisees using these ideas or only members of the psychological therapies community. I am happy to collaborate with and mutually assess how helpful a solution focused conversation partner might be to you in your practice.